Did You Know? South Bay Facts

Did You Know? Top 10 Random Facts About The South Bay


South Bay Events presents 10 facts you probably don’t know about Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach!

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Top 10 Facts



1. Although surfing was a mainstay in Polynesia for a thousand years, the sport was introduced to the modern world in Redondo Beach by George Freeth in 1907.
2. The notorious drink called a “Fire Chief“, which can only be found at Old Tony’s on the Redondo Beach Pier, got its name because the bartender used to light the powerful concoction before serving it to customers. The Redondo Beach Fire Department ended the practice years ago.
3. One of the largest flocks of wild parrots in the United States lives in the South Bay, and you can hear their loud squawks all over town.
4. Throughout the 1990’s, the show Beverly Hills 90210¬†was filmed at Torrance High School. The “summer house” on the show is located on the Strand at the very north end of Hermosa Beach.
5. The surf spot in Redondo Beach known as “Burnout” got its name from a raging fire that consumed the Hollywood Riviera Beach Club on the night of Sept. 25, 1958. A fire at 3:30 a.m. gutted the entire resort and left almost nothing behind. Its ruins were bulldozed into the sea.

An Urban Legend also exists that Burnout got its name from a different source. The city’s border with Torrance crossed the beach there, and wild parties with alcohol would occur on the south side of the line, with no alcohol allowed on the north throughout the 1950’s at the club. The dividing line was visible because huge bonfires were lit in its place (hence the name Burnout).

6. Palos Verdes is one of the major hotbeds of tennis in the United States. Besides having high schools that consistently win national and state championships, legends such as Pete Sampras, Tracy Austin, Lindsay Davenport and many others all spent much of their younger days in PV.
7. Some of the best Mexican food in California can be found in the South Bay. If you’re on a mission, the best burritos can be had at Amigos Tacos, El Gringo and El Burrito Jr.
8. The Ironman competition, held in Hermosa Beach on the 4th of July, is one of the wildest sporting events you’ll experience. Contestants paddle a surfboard a mile, run a mile and then have to immediately finish a 6-pack of beer. The one who can hold it down for at least 15 minutes wins, and the annual tradition is a crazy way to kick off the holiday.
9. Local standout surfers such as Alex Gray and Holly Beck are just the latest in a long line of world-class chargers from the South Bay. Legends such as Doc Ball, Hoppy Swarts, Leroy Grannis, Jim Bailey, Hap Jacobs, Dale Velzy, Greg Noll, Mike Purpus, Rick Stoner, Dewey Weber, Phil Becker, the Meistrell Brothers and many others all have roots in the Beach Cities.
10. The South Bay is a hotbed of some of the world’s greatest bands, including The Beach Boys (Hawthorne), Black Flag (Redondo Beach), Redd Kross (Hawthorne), The Descendents (Manhattan Beach), Pennywise (Hermosa Beach), Circle Jerks (Hermosa Beach), 98 Mute (Hermosa Beach), The Deviates (South Bay), Kurupt (Hawthorne) and Driven Out (South Bay).