6-Man Volleyball Tournament

6-Man Volleyball Tournament 2016 in the South Bay

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Manhattan Beach 6 Man Volleyball Tournament 2016

One of the greatest weeks of the year in the South Bay occurs in the heart of summer. The weekend revolves around the 2016 International Surf Festival, which is an ocean competition spanning all 3 beach cities. 6-Man Volleyball Manhattan BeachThe Festival has events throughout the week involving the beach and ocean, including a Bodysurfing Championship, Surf Contest, Lifeguard Competition, Paddleboard Race and much more. However, the king of the contests is properly known as the Charlie Saikley Volleyball Tournament- or to anybody else, just the 6-Man.

As usual, Manhattan Beach hosts the 6 Man from Thursday, August 4 – Friday, August 5! The volleyball tournament, which has been booked solid for several months, attracts pros, wannabe pros and every tier below them each year. Teams of 6 (Mens’ and Womens’ divisions) play in a Round-Robin format until the brackets are cut down to the best competitors. The matches culminate in the Finals on Friday – many previous matchups have legendary status here in the South Bay. If you’re interested in playing, click here to register.

This year is drastically different than years past, however. There has been a sometimes vicious debate involving the city of Manhattan Beach, local residents and homeowners, professional & amateur volleyball players, and the prominent party scene of the area. Many people felt that the event has turned into an oversized rager, which could quickly turn into a riot scene if kept unchecked. Although that paranoid thought process is powerful and can lead to mass hysteria, has the City gone too far? They have decided to move the event from its normal 3-day weekend played over Friday – Sunday, placing it in the middle of the week, far from the standard party schedule of local college kids and others. Some people feel this will ultimately destroy what the event has become to many locals – a unifying tradition in the South Bay where an amazing time is had by 99% of attendees. It’s going to be very difficult for most to make it down to the beach on a Thursday morning to watch volleyball with a full-time job keeping them busy, and the turnout is expected to be drastically reduced, ironically resulting in a huge monetary loss for the city. Only time will tell if this new format will lead to a safe and structured environment, or an economic and social disaster.




It is the wildest week of the year, so it has to be about more than high-level volleyball right? Indeed it is. To up the ante everyone is in COSTUME. Past teams have included the Magnum PI’s, the Lakers, team Lushness, Miss USA, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and the list goes on. Imagine an AVP pro disguised as Spiderman rising up and slamming the ball with brute force into the chest of Super Mario. It happens and you will love it.6Man Volleyball

Let’s address the elephant on the court. If thousands upon thousands of people show up to this party can I safely assume punch (of the spiked variety) will be on hand? The answer is NO – 6-man is an alcohol-free event. Gone are the days of buried kegs and red plastic cups. There will, however, be tons of coffee mugs, water bottles filled with “Kool-Aid”, Jello in suspiciously shot-sized containers, fermented Gatorade, and far more clever drink receptacles. But there will be no alchohol. That is illegal. Especially on the edges and anywhere near the pier.

Check out our 6-man gallery to get in the mood. Put a glass of water and some Aspirin by your bed before you leave. Bring sunscreen. Don’t forget your sunglasses. Stay limber.

Besides the 6-Man, there are 3 days of nonstop activity surrounding the event as part of the 2016 International Surf Festival. Surfing, lifeguard competitions, bodysurfing, sand soccer and much more are on tap- check out the full schedule for this Manhattan Beach event!

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