South Bay Events | May 2012 Restaurant of the Month: Halibut Corner

Restaurant of the Month: Halibut Corner

South Bay Events presents its pick of the month for May 2012!

Seafood in the South Bay is an easy decision when contemplating dining options, the sea is close and fare is healthy, both of which complement a lifestyle molded from coastal living and long commutes. A fresh seafood dinner conjures up phrases like “catch of the day” and questions like “ Would you like to see our specials?” Lurking behind these words are often pricey figures that go undisclosed until the bill arrives. Far away from the corporate restaurant chains, strategic price points, and fabricated fish dinners sits a dockside charm that has been cooking amazing Vietnamese, French, and Mexican style seafood plates since its original moniker, Lou-E-Luey’s.

Halibut Corner is located on the northern end of Redondo Beach Pier’s International Boardwalk right next to Naja’s Place. Mix together the feeling of a Jimmy Buffet song (before the brand took over the world), sea-side smells, and the idea of a secret spot all together and you’ve got a romantic table setting for some seafood in paradise… Chef and Owner Anthony Pham’s menu is a diverse spectrum of creamy French sauces, cilantro and Vera Cruz marinades (lime, garlic, & tomato), a host of spicy soup broths, and fresh halibut creations. Find a table next to the window for views that accent a sea-fearing way of life then check the small chalkboards on the wall for wine specials. Wine bottles for purchase (and by the glass) are always available and set at reasonable prices. A bottle of Bella Sera’s Pinot Grigio, some sauvignon blanc, or a pinot noir range anywhere from $14 to $26.

Appetizers at Halibut Corner feature ceviche, oysters, crabcakes, and Vietnamese style Spring Rolls. Looking for some good Pho in the South Bay (always hard to find)? Then split a bowl of Pho here with beef or chicken and save yourself a trip to Gardena. The broth from the Spicy Clams is good enough to drink with just enough heat to balance out the cilantro and tomato. Next time around, the New England Style Clam Chowder will start the dinner, it comes topped with crispy bacon and should follow the creed that bacon makes everything taste better.

Given the name Halibut Corner and its 15 foot proximity to a harbor, ordering a dish with fresh Halibut is commonplace. The Grilled Halibut with Lemon Caper burr Blanc is easily one of the best fish dinners around. It comes with a choice of rice or potatoes and vegetables. The Halibut is grilled to perfection, meaning it’s soft enough to taste the freshness with just enough char on top to please the visual senses. The sauce is a lemon caper beurre blanc dotted with some capers, alfalfa sprouts, and a lemon wedge.

Halibut Corner is a labor of love driven by Chef Anthony, who is very accessible for menu recommendations and culinary questions, which makes for a pleasant and admirable surprise. It’s rare to find chefs anymore that break their comfort zone and engage the customer. Entrée prices here range from $17-$20 so the checking account can stay flush. Halibut Corner is definitely a secret spot for now but it deserves some attention.

Halibut Corner is located at 160 International Boardwalk, between Delzano’s and Naja’s. Open daily for dinner until 10 PM, breakfast and lunch on weekends. Parking validation is available inside the pier parking area. The phone number is 310-937-7044.


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